An Extended Service Plan Can Provide Peace of Mind.

Listed below are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions regarding Whirlpool Extended Service Plans.


Once my service plan is purchased, how long will it take to receive the actual contract?
Do I have to pay all at once?
What are my payment options?
How are installment payments made if I select a payment option?
What are the available installment plans?
When can I file a claim under my service contract?
Does the product need to be inspected before it can be covered?
How do I schedule service?
How do I know if I am in your service network?
What coverage terms do you offer?
Can I save money by purchasing on multiple appliances?
Who will do the service on my product?
I’m moving, can I get service in a new location?
What happens if my product can’t be repaired?
What happens if I sell my product or purchase a new one before the service plan expires?
Can I purchase extended coverage if the product is used in a business?
Will a service plan be void if Whirlpool goes out of business?
How old can my product be to be eligible for an extended service plan?
What if I don’t know my model and serial number?
What if I am not quite ready to buy online?
Who are the obligors under the plan?
Can I cancel my plan?

If you have further questions, please call 1-866-632-5324 for a representative to assist you.